About Jigsaw Puzzle

Patrick Stewart once called the world of jigsaw puzzles a

”secret ”society There were always high-profile fans , but most only whispered about their passion.

Now, with much of the world under lockdown and looking to kill time, jigsaw puzzles have taken on new role: a tool to save humanity. Australia’s prime minister, Scott Morrison, even referred to jigsaws as essential and allowed people to leave the house to buy them.

Celebrities and commoners, stuck in their homes, have shown off their puzzles. Ellen DeGeneres recorded her travails with a 4000-piece puzzle on Instagram.

Jigsaw puzzles were traditionally made by painting a picture on a flat piece of wood. A wood worker would then use a jigsaw to cut the board into smaller pieces. The puzzles became a commercial pastime in Europe around 1760, but, today, the jigsaws you find at a gift shop or toy store are made a bit differently to meet higher demand.

Watch the video above to see how Jigscut makes its puzzles.

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