Home-operated Jigscut Puzzle Machine

China-based manufacturer has come up with a rolling jigsaw puzzle machine that can be operated in the home. It’s perfect for sole proprietors and home-based businesses.

In addition to the puzzle machine and dies, all that’s needed is a computer, printer and occasionally a scanner (to adjust images). Jigscut offers steel rule dies for puzzle manufacturing companies and packing and printing industry and custom dies that can be used for scrapbooks and individual projects.

The rolling puzzle machine is simple enough to be set up in the home yet . It provides professional puzzles like the big manufacturers . Jigsaw puzzle dies produce puzzles from 2 to 3,000 pieces, so they can be marketed to all ages, they can be designed into most random designs, we have our designing teams on puzzles.

Jigscut wooden dies are also very durable. They can cut 20,000 times for the rolling puzzle machine, and last up to 100,000 times for professional puzzle press machines. Rolling puzzle machine and dies can also be used for custom projects made from a homemade photo, drawing or painting. You can basically do whatever you want and you can determine what image is to be used, the size of the puzzle and the number of pieces and design looking way. It’s great for making gifts that are really special.” Jigscut makes wooden dies for scrapbooking as well. These dies, which can be customized to individual orders, fit Sizzix and Accucut machines for a wide range of shapes and designs.

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