How Jigsaw Puzzle Die is Made

A jigsaw puzzle is a picture, which is adhered to a thin and stiff background, like wood or cardboard, and then cut into multiple pieces. The pieces are assembled by the user to reform the original picture. Although the origin of the word puzzle is unknown, it is known that the first jigsaw puzzles were made in the 1760s by European cartographer John Spilbury.

Raw Material


Virtually any artwork can be used for puzzle making but most major manufactures use lithographic prints because they are high quality, inexpensive, and easily mass produced. Many of the pictures used in puzzles are based on famous photographs or paintings, but some custom puzzle makers let the customer supply their own photographs or pictures.

Backing material

Mass market puzzle manufacturers use card-board (also known as chipboard) as a backing material because it is cheap and easy to cut. Higher quality custom-made puzzles still use wood, usually in 5-ply birch. In both cases, adhesive is used to bond the artwork to the backing material.

The following video can tell you how to make puzzle die .

Jigsaw Puzzle dies features: 

1. Central high blade ensures the cutting gap is as small, to make sure the puzzles out is nice looking.

2. Border line with 1mm thick blade, ensures the die long life working , in this way the border line is not easy to get broken under pressure from machine and the inner blades.

3. All dies can cut upto 100000times, for roller machines it can be used around 20000 times.

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Understanding Die Cutting

What is the die cutting ?

Die cutting  is a broad term, but in the manufacturing process, die cutting refers to the process by which you use a machine to mass produce cut shapes. You can create the same shape with the same size over and over again without using scissors. It saves time and makes your cut shape look professional and consistent every time.

What is a cutting machine ?

Die cutting machines are the machines that cut shapes out of paper, (like cardboard but thicker and more dense), and other materials.

What is Rolling Jigsaw Puzzle Machine?

This Roller jigsaw puzzle machine is using for home based business.

It can cut all kinds of steel rule jigsaw cutting dies . And it has 7 different size .

So how to choose a right size is important .

Choosing the proper machine for your use depends on a variety of factors, including the amount of space you have, the amount of money you want to spend, and whether you want to make puzzles as an in-home business. If you plan to make jigsaw puzzles for income, you will likely want to invest in a cutter that allows you to create a wide variety of puzzle sizes. It should also be able to stand up to more frequent use than if you buy a cutter strictly for hobby purposes. Some of the available cutters are small enough for home use, but some are quite large and are appropriate for heavy industrial use only.

How does the cutting machine working ?

1. Print the picture you want to print, the paper can be high-quality photo paper or photo paper or adhesive paper. Then put the picture adhibited to the 500-1200g cardboard.

2. Put the file up side down to the mould, side to side with the picture facing to the knife.

3. Put the protecting board over the cardboard with picture, the protecting mould is to protecting the mould from the axis. If the whole file’s thickness is not enough to process cutting, please add some paper board or please tighten the distance until it is enough.

4. Put the front of the files near the axis, and push forward gently, and power on the switch.

5. When the mould comes into the axis, put away your hand, then machine will pushing forward the mould automatically.

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A jigsaw—though it’s also called a scroll saw. If you’ve never seen one, a scroll saw has a fine, straight blade that’s usually mounted vertically a little bit like the needle in a sewing machine. By running the blade up and down (hooray, power tools) and moving wood through it, you can cut fine patterns into wood. Note that the term “jigsaw” can also refer to a coping saw, which is a handheld power tool with a straight blade sticking out—great for cutting holes in walls, but perhaps not puzzles.

So that’s great. But how do people make jigsaw puzzles today?

The short answer is: It’s complicated. There are still high-end handmade puzzles on the market today, but commercial makers have typically moved on to other methods. Below, let’s examine the most popular methods.

They are using the puzzle die and puzzle machine

Mass-produced commercial jigsaw puzzles are made of cardboard. Nobody hand-cuts cardboard with a jigsaw. So the game is all about making a cutting die (a sharp metal outline) that emulates that jigsaw cut. Once you have a cutting die, it can be used to stamp out countless cardboard puzzles.
The metal template allows safety-gloved employees to snap in the edges of each piece, allowing for a unique pattern for each puzzle design.

This is a 500 pcs puzzle die made by JIGSCUT
A circle puzzle die is making
One customer from USA show his nice puzzle die made by JIGSCUT

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Roller style puzzle machine is so convenient to make a puzzle at home

This is a video made by a user of TYC22 in Amercia,he and his wife like this machine so much.

At present, die-cutting is playing important roles in packing and printing as an key process in post-press.  At the same time, it also becomes an necessary part to people’s everyday life. People, mostly women are doing hand creations at home for small business. Because most machines in the market are auto and need skills to operate, they are calling for a simple machine which can be ran easily and safely, but stronger and save time than the hand machines.
According to this, the JIGSCUT company have developed a roller machine, it works as line contact way, stronger and easier to cut through all materials, it works with flat cutting dies!
Compare to other machines:
1. Compare to normal roller cutting machines, normal roller cutting machines are using round cutting dies in curve shape, it is mainly used in far speed production in industry and need skills to change the mould.
For this new machine, it is ready to cut all the time no troubles on changing molds.
2. Compare to roller to fat machines, normally roller to flat machines are used to cut cartons, it works same way as line contacting, but it is for simple and big shapes. Not strong enough for complicated products such as jigsaw puzzles!
3. Compare to flat to flat machines, Flat presses as the most professional die cutters in packing and printing, it is the best choice for industrial production, it works fast and best result! And if to get it ran, all conditions should be ready, it works in standard factory, need trained workers, and big orders to support.

Features of JIGSCUT roller machines:

Nowadays the conditions are growing fast around the world, in the past trading means means bulk orders, goods in big containers, and there are big distributors every where!  But now, small orders and Niche products becomes more popular,  people’s are more and more likely to show their personality, personal creation are blooming, most people are trying to start from small business. They are trying to design their own products and sell in the small circles.

Especially since the COVID-19 broke out from 2020, most people have to stay at home looking something interesting to play, and quite a lot people have to stay at home and no income to support their family, they are looking for some home based business, may be easier to operate but can make use of their own creations.

   Then JIGSCUT roller cutter becomes a good choice for those who like hand creations and jigsaw puzzles, the machine is mainly design for jigsaw puzzle die cutting, the machine is of simple structure and easy to cut puzzles of 1000pcs, which will need 300ton on flat press. And it can work on small quantity puzzles with custom pictures.  It is easy to operate, designed for unskilled person, any one is easy to get a puzzle produced.

At the same time it works on fabrics and leather, good choice for people who make hand crafts and leather bags to sell. It can cut layers of leathers at one time.

 It works with flat cutting dies and a printer, and cutting dies are same with those works for flat machines, but due to the cutting way they are not so lasting as on the flat press, for example a puzzle die can work upto 200000times on flat press, on this machine it maybe 10000-20000times.



15pcs puzzle die made by JIGSCUT order from USA

1000pcs puzzle die A1 size ordered by customer from USA

This customer fellow our brand about three years. as she always said:thanks to JIGSCUT for save me more time to select the good quality puzzle die and make the quality of puzzle steady.

At least 100000 times can be used




One of the important step to make a puzzle die is bending the blades by machine to fit the channel on the board .

Today I want to show you the step of cutting the board by laser machine.

OK , please have a look this video took by Jackie in the factory of JIGSCUT .

The artisan will adjust the blades to fit the channel perfect and pound it in the channel.

It costs a lot of patience to finish this step . They correct each piece carefully even by hand . So the puzzle die making still belong to the handcraft die .

This is an artisan adjusting the small piece of the blade of a circle shape puzzle die with 679pcs.

The quality of the puzzle dies are 90% based on the skill of the artisan , a young man needs many years to learn and practice until they can finish one puzzle die independent .

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and we support custom die making service.

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With roller style jigsaw puzzle machines